We accept orders for the professional translation, revision of your documents, for every language and for almost every area of expertise, including desktop processing and proofreading, if requested.

We attach an official clause to every translation.


We prepare every translation in consideration of your needs, with the assistance of professionals having expertise for the given area, and our desk officers will consult with you on expressions requiring special attention, before work starts.  

Our team consists of recognized international professionals who they are skilled in several special areas, enabling us to prepare fast and quality translations in the following major areas of expertise:

Law – Finances – Trade – Pharmacology – Technology – Computing, software localization – IT – Architecture - Mechanical engineering - Water affairs - Agriculture – Environment protection – Food industry – Cartography, Geography, Geology, etc.

We are licensed

To prepare certified translations, which is supported by the following statute.


You can place your order with us in several ways, which does not require a personal visit, you can send your documents by email, facsimile or by courier service, and upon your request we will return it to you through any of these channels, by the requested deadline.


To be performed according to the number of characters of the translated document.


We treat every order confidentially, subject to strict rules of confidentiality, and we destroy the documents of your order when it has expired.